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Featuring: Flynn Novak, Bethany Hamilton, Chris Ward, Kekoa Becalso, and Ezra Sitt


The worlds top International surfers travel to Indonesia every chance they get, why? To experience, live and breath the incredible culture of Bali and surf flawless, perfect waves. Frequencies showcases a number of the worlds best, starring Flynn Novak, Hawaii’s big wave surfer, spends his time in Indonesia training and scoring perfection for months on end every year before heading home for the winter. Frequencies is a traveling surfers dream journey throughout the waves rich archipelago. We travel through Lombok, Sumbawa and Bali, and on the way we’ve met other fellow Hawaiian’s, Bethany Hamilton, Chris Ward, Kekoa Becalso and Ezra Sitt, who are the special guess in our film. Sit back, press play and imagine yourself on the road to perfect waves and memories.


Directed By: Fabian von Holzen 
Film: Oq Abrar & Fabian von Holzen 
Motion Graphic: Billy Sencha

Edit: Billy Sencha & Fabian von Holzen


From The Woods Productions ©2015

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