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Always wondered on how to create a cinematic video out of your everyday consumer DSLR or Mirrorless camera. Working with an 8bit codec can be really frustrating.  Always wanting to push 8 bit colours but end up breaking it. Here we concentrate on colour reproduction, knowing the limit of your camera.

Here is an example: 


Photo: Fabian von Holzen

This was shot on the 1DX MARK II in 4K 50FPS 8 BIT 422, with the Neutral Picture Profile, sharpness dial to -4, Contrast -4, and Saturation -2. The 4K capability is out standing, and I think it's one of the best from a DSLR. 










I recommend shooting with a non flat (LOG) picture profile when shooting with a DSLR. The "FLAT LOG" will break your footage in colour grading. There just isn't much data in an 8 bit codec to play around. 

To get a cinematic shot that everyone is raving about simply shoot at the right time of the day, and at the right moment. Shoot at sunrise or sunset where the colours are so dramatic. Try shooting on an overcast day and find a location that would do wonders.



Photo: Fabian von Holzen

To get those cinematic shots consider a smoother camera movement, a gimbal would help a lot. Shoot on a faster aperture, instead of shooting at F8, try shooting at F2 or lower, those depth of field makes such a difference.


Photo: Fabian von Holzen

Colour grading, theres is so much to learn when it comes to colour grading, you are creating a mood into your story. An easy way to produce a cinematic look is by downloading LUTs and applying them to your video, but thats pretty boring. Its like copy and pasting a look of someone else's style. It's more fun when you colour your own project, getting the taste you desire. Like a painter, they all have their own style. 


"From The Woods Productions concentrates on the development of powerful and creative videos". ~ Fabian

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